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The Ladies Behind You-Nique! S and J, former work colleagues shared the same obsession with fashion, shopping and style. With the countless trips to the thrift shops they have come to realize that anyone can be fashionable in there own way. They both believe that fashion is a self-expression, an important aesthetic and a visual release that everyone is entitled to. J, is the social and relational front of the duo and S, is the creative brain child. And this is YOU-nique!


J would mostly like to sink herself to music, and dance her worries and boredom away. Currently employed, she uses her spare time mix-matching clothes, reading blogs & updating her own. She loves thrift shopping, doing handicrafts, and appreciates antiques/vintage stuff.
J, like the other girls, is into shoes. Currently on the 40th mark, she tries to slow down by meeting her promise: equally give what she gets.
A caffeine freak, fan girl, impulsive shopper, and giveaways hustler – making her half crazy, but most of the time awesome. She dreams of escaping her mediocre life by backpacking all over Europe, swimming & surfing the beaches of Hawaii, and explore the wonders of The Philippines.
J is free spirited. She often compares herself to being a gypsy, but when in the water, a mermaid.

PERSONAL STYLE: I can't really identify what my personal style is. I can go from boho, to rock, to chique, to even sporty. Let's just say I have a multiple personality disorder. Hehehe..

FAVE BLOG: The Streetgeist, The Style Flux, The Fashion Eggplant, The Walking Recessionista, Scenestealer

STYLE ICON: better say icons ;) Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Kate Olsen, Emma Watson

FAVE BRAND: Ukay-Ukay! HAHAHA. If I get to splurge they're Forever 21, Topshop, JellyBean, Bench and Penshoppe for apparels; Primadonna, So! Fab, and Parisian for shoes.

FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Comfort over style. And, There is no ugly clothing if you put your creativity onto it ;)

FAVE CLOSET ITEM: MY SHOES! Though they're not in my closet. I think my denim shorts. I've got loads of them for they're easily to be paired with anything.


A lot is to say about S. She maybe half of You-nique but she is definitely a few fragments of different things. It’s hard to take it from her but if you’re going to take it from a different perspective, the consensus’ is out-of-the-ordinary. Some say (and, yeah, these are real testimonials from people who know her): nobody has seen hair like hers since their childhood Sunday cartoons, she’s an original being (though she personally thinks she is nothing but reuse, reduce and recycle LOL), she’s a seasonal vegetarian, she doesn’t look old, she’s a weirdo, she’s actually very useful and is one of the most creative and artsy people they have ever seen. But expect this girl to beg to disagree. She’s a self-diagnosed French woman hidden in a Histrionic body but would rather work on the backstage to feed the people’s curiosities who‘s the man(and then again fail to guess) behind the spectacle. Yes, people, it’s a conspiracy.
A bizarre craving for a workaholic life, S barely has time to sleep she juggles two jobs and of course being the official blog creative director (if that's even a valid position) on whenever spare minutes during the day she has. Oh yeah, and she cooks her meals in between. Sleep? Nobody got time for that ! Or at least S doesn’t.
Let me make this short...It’s hard to miss her . Even if you try. Comprendr√©?

PERSONAL STYLE: Erratic, Bipolar and Apocalyptic ('cause it's unpredictable..haha I just had to explain!). I try to be a street (non-scary) goth girl but unfortunately I end up being being Ms. Pop of color or Tay Swift sometimes. I know...I'm a spike of fever.

FAVE BLOG: Le Happy, Vintage Virgin, Style Rookie, Strange Ambition, GarbageLapsap, Because I'm addicted, FaceHunter

STYLE ICON: Lua P. (Le Happy), Jessica Virgin (Vintage Virgin), Elle Fanning, Florence Welch, Eliza Doolittle, Edie Sedgewick and Rihanna

FAVE BRAND: I'm a thrift-store resident actually but when I get my dose of moolah I love the brands at The Ramp Crossings, Topshop, Trunkshow, So! Fab for shoes, Forever 21 and the creative brands in bazaars. Oh and I always think my mom's and grandma's closet have their own brand teehee.

FASHION PHILOSOPHY: Never wear the same combination of clothing twice and dress for yourself and not for anyone else.

FAVE CLOSET ITEM: My shiny brown and black creepers, my Lennon sunnies, black rosary from Oxygen and this Marc Jacob's daisy-inspired ring that my friend gave me as a farewell gift. I have a strong inclination to muscle tees too, they're just so darn necessary, y'know! haha

Photographed by: Li'l J

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