Trend Report: Weather Juncture

And so after months of chilling and indulging ourselves in the sweater-weather, we have now come to the part of the season where beach bums and sun-worshippers are so much alive - summer!

A transition from faux furs, knits, and coats to tops in light material, breezy pants, and flouncy skirts are now scattered in the metro. We've known this ritual ever since, like an automatic closet change from The Chronicles of Narnia to The Beach. There's something more than what we know of in terms of coping with the heat and staying fashionable.

Top bloggers and fashion designers have now released their SS2015 collections and predictions, and who are we to not comply anyway? HAHA :)) Here are some essentials and in-trend summer outfits we can all indulge in..

1. Let's go retro! The 70's.

I just have this hunch that you'll be thinking about Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Wilmer Valederrama for being reminded of their previous TV series. Yes? No? Well anyway, it's now time to release your inner Jane Fonda from Charlie's Angels or be shabby like Will Ferrell from the Anchorman this summer. Variations from flare jeans, platform shoes, prints, prints, and more prints. Time to get hippie and high (but I hope high in a good way..) this season!

2. Gingham

No, not plaid - Gingham. As per our friend Merriam, it is a cotton cloth that often is often marked with a pattern of colored squares or, a clothing fabric usually of yarn-dyed cotton in plain weave. You may think of it as a regular table cloth, but of course, the stylish one (Hehe..). Mostly to be seen in dresses and skirts, guys can also wear Gingham as a long sleeve polo shirt, paired with a bow tie or slim tie. Taking it in a southern approach, thinking of a nice picnic near the lake and play around the barn type of vibe :)

               (http://fashberries.blogspot.com/)                              (http://www.thelittlemagpie.com/2013/10/night-rider.html

3. Culottes

Used to be worn by upper class gentlemen during the Renaissance, the culottes have gone a long way as a casual or formal outfit for women, mostly paired with a plain top and pointy stilettos. If the culottes' cut is above the knee, pair it with your scene-stealing flats or strap-ons. Wearing such statement piece could mostly bug the minds of the mundane (not intended to belittle people) if it's a pants or skirt. Another coined word "skort" perfectly describes the hot item of the season. 

                                        (http://cuppajyo.com/2015/02/cool-culottes/)                                                 (http://www.shairstyl3.blogspot.com/)


4. Flats, Straps, and Sneakers

Boy, how your feet will thank you for keeping them comfy! It's not just about flip-flops everyone. Let's get stylish with Birkenstock, mandals, or the infamous Nike in their different collection series. Ladies and Gents attended fashion week in this laid-back, feet accessory which serves not just an eye-candy, but also a breath from the usual heels and leather shoes. 


5. Attention! Military halt!

Not really the camo thing. Military greens and khakis may dominate the streets as it has been presented by L.A.M.B. and Marc Jacobs during the last SS fashion week. Whether inspired by Katy Perry's Roar MV, or the movie Fury, we can go with a safari and battle field feel this season. Don't be afraid to explore. The city is a big jungle anyway!

                       (http://www.upbeatsoles.com/leathered-military/)                                       (http://www.le-happy.com/the-waking-hour/)             

So, what look will you go for this season? Do try what we have suggested and send us a photo! We'll post them on our Instagram. Best thing: enjoy exploring onto new ideas of what you can wear during this summer!


**No Copyright Infringement intended. All photos are taken from different sources and provided credit with.**


Jho R said...

This is a very informative and interesting article. The first pic really brought back a "That 70's Show" vibe. Ha. The military bag is so on point. Let's see how these fashion lovers "bring it" this season.


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Great selection. Love that military trend. X

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Kala Kelly said...

Hi there !!! love your blog !

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