2015: Two of its Kind

Black and White. Ying and Yang. Always known to be opposites, but not all people understand that they are very much alike. Both can't live without the presence of another. Both feeds on the weakness of the other. The world is at its equilibrium because two elements were balanced.

2015 is YOU-NIQUE's second year of being the platform of uniqueness in The Philippines. Two years of scouting the metro just to capture individuals to be featured on our site. Two years of collaborating with different events and personalities for our site to be "the IT of our generation".

We've got a long way to go to achieve what we set as a goal. None the less, I'd still like to say THANK YOU to those who agreed for their photos to be taken and be featured on our site. To the people who I courageously approach to get a shot of their outfit, thank you for being ever so nice to me :) To the kids who I became friends with, to the strangers who thought I was doing something illegal (AHAHAH), and to those who approached me and pro-actively wanted to be on our site - A BIG THANK YOU.

This year, the word CHALLENGE is what I'm aiming at. Personally, I'd like to challenge myself in pulling a different look other than my girly/boho/gypsy everyday ensemble. I'd also like to impose that to everyone. As we know, with challenges, we become to be the greatest.  I think I should also challenge myself (and also S) in keeping up with this site. We would need to extract our creative juices and put it all here - our haven of uniqueness.

I'm excited to fill the blank pages of 2015 with all of you in it. I shall see you in the streets YOU-NIQUEs ;)


*outfit details*
White floral top : Forever 21
Red wedge shoes: Jellybean
FAMOUS top: Tee Culture by SM Department Store
White and Black skater skirts: Thrifted
Black Creepers: Thrifted


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Nice post ;)Follow for follow?

Justyna T said...

Nice post ;)Follow for follow?

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