Trend Report: We're on each other's team!

So you think the return of the 90's era is over? Think again! It was a long transitory period in fashion and we may be over with the early late 80's to early 90's grunge, but the birth of the eye-popping, futuristic and bubble gum style paradigm is to definitely coming out. It's the anti-fashion, yes-i-am-freakin-chill-man way of life that isn't urban nor hippie but more domestic. The long loose denims, the overwhelming amount of (not sneakers) running shoes and an awesome graphic shirt or just plain at that. Now, hello maximum minimalism.

Speaking of sneakers (Adidas must be snickering silly, right now), what better way to go through the grueling rain-and-shine season and not to mention the back-to-school air but by showing up your fashion chops. I have observed the tremendous sudden affinity with the sports garb. The mushroom sprouts throughout the stalls of stores comes in the form of the floral crop top with the basketball jersey number, the origami skorts and the quintessential (you take your pick: Nike/Adidas) running shoes or sneakers or whatev. Not to mention that sudden popularity of spandex, polysters, tops with uhm...holes in it (shit, i don't know what those are called) and moisture-wicking fabrics as unique alternatives to last seasons quilts, leather and faux fur. Some alternatives come with the baseball cap, the football shirt or the tennis skirt but the ideal always come into mind. Designs are also inspired by team jerseys and ensembles with the geometric patterns and bright colors. The sun dress and the Converse is definitely way behind, this is now the New Girl. Trying to lash the bats by batting there lashes. Hey girls are cool too, y'know.

So what do you think? Thought it's a pretty neat trend, isn't it?


...because Fashion is a physical workout program! 

Sources: Google & garbagelapsap



Sammie Dacanay said...

I agree with this blogpost. The 90's era is truly making a big trendy comeback. I sent you girls an email. Hoping you can see it soon.


YOU NIQUE said...

Hi Sammie! We're glad you can relate to this post :) We've already sent our reply regarding your email. We can't wait for it ♥