2014 FIFA World Cup Craze

Ole! Ola! Are you guys in the craze yet?!? A super hyped event that it took most of the sports channels there are in the cable, Google's look changes every day, Twitter got a dedicated space for updated games scores, and FB timelines flooded with everyone trying to be an analyst writing down their so-called opinions and reactions (latter one pretty much the same during the NBA Finals). 

Anyway, as this year’s host created much controversy, the fans never failed to fill all the excitement for this much anticipated sport event. And when I say excitement, supporters have gone all the way to show their love for their team.

I sum up some of the incredible (and also ridiculous) things that I noticed that are common for the fans during the game. Let's all admit that fashion and style is also present here. So here’s my top 4:

1. Wearing their team's jersey. (Pardon the first two photos as it may seem like a couple thing-y)

(Assuming taking home the coveted prize huh?)

2. Face paints.

3. Crazy head pieces.

(Would that be a chicken or some kind of other bird???)

(Sorry, but I'm reminded of nachos and tacos seeing this! Okay, I'm just hungry. No offense.)

(Uhmm, would this be an elephant or something else?)

4. Flags.

No matter where we are from or whose team we are supporting, one aim should be met : Camaraderie among nations. Let this be a way to unite us all and even out differences. 

Ciao bellas and bellos (not sure if I got it correct) for now. Hope you guys enjoy the game and Congratulations for this year's winner :)


*Sidenote 1: I would want to place photos of hot (and shirtless) players from different teams, but I just have to hold back since we want this site rated PG. Though sometimes I know we're not. HAHAHA :p

*Sidenote 2: If you're gonna ask me about which team I'm rooting for, I'm torn between Argentina and Spain :)

**No Copyright Infringement intended. All photos were taken from Google Images.**

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