Pop PitStop : #BoysOfSummerFanParty

Hey, hey, hey YOUNIQUEs! Just as the sun brings out its scorching heat, here comes Astroplus making our summer hotter! April 11 marked the date of the #BoysOfSummer fan party at the SM North EDSA Skydome (hashtag makes it more intense ;) ). 

So before I spill all the juices about the event, let me give you a little back story. Honestly, I wasn't aware of the fan party not until an angel by the name of Lexi sent us a tweet inviting us to join the party. I was able to read it on the exact day that I really scrammed in responding whether I will go or not. Since I love these girls (whom I've already met in the previous fan parties like the Little Mix Fan Party), I decided to rush to the venue and enjoy whatever will be in-store for all the goers. 

The event was free for everyone to join, but if you want to achieve the perks of being there, you gotta purchase the albums of the artists included in the #BoysOfSummer. So who are those artists? It's the 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Vamps, R5, and Rixton. Well I've heard about the 5SOS being the front act of One Direction in some of their tours, then there's The Vamps whom I've listen to BBc Radio 1's Live Lounge, but honestly the other 2 was just introduced to me on the day of the event (hehe, sorry..). Nevertheless, these 4 bands are really to look forward to in the music scene.

The venue was filled with everything for the fans of the featured bands. There is the freedom board ↑ and the booths of the different street teams.

Care for a jelly pong anyone?

And the creative award for water bottles goes to...

Wazzup Pikachu!? HAHA.. Cute isn't she?!? She's actually from the 5SOS Street Team.

One of the event's sponsors was MYX. They have covered most of the fan parties launched by Astroplus and with this one, new MYX VJ AI was interviewing the girls of The Vamps street team. She was trying to test her knowledge about The Vamps with the questions prepared by the girls.

Sponsors were also all around the venue such as WeChat, Indie Go, I ♥ Seashop, etc. Knowing me as a lucky gal, I got to bring home a power bank courtesy of WeChat! Woohoo!

A fan party will never be complete without a performance from an artist that will bring so much giggles to everyone (yihee.. and yes, I felt a bit kilig high school when I heard him sing). Everyone, meet Paolo Onesa (@OnesaPaolo) from The Voice of The Philippines. A young crooner who currently has an album titled Pop Goes Standards surely won our hearts when he sang his renditions of Elesi and Love On Top.

Fun games with cool prizes were given away to the attendees. They had this funny hotdog eating contest in which the girl on the farthest left won by finishing all 5 hotdogs first.

A game to test how much of an R5 fan they were.. DJ Jam from Magic 89.9 had a taste of the "fan attack" as the girls need to rush from one side of the stage towards her to be able to answer the question.

MYX VJ Robbi and Gretchen Ho were also there to hype up the crowd..

And we all know which band they belong to right?!?! HAHA :)) Found these cool shirts worn by fans to make a statement.

Okay, settle down.. They're not the real ones. They're just standees up for grabs for the game they had for the ultimate fan/s of 5SOS. Oh don't we just wish they were more than just card boards!

Of course, the event wouldn't be possible without the hard work of the street teams. Below are the officers/representatives of The Vamps, R5, and 5SOS Street Teams. (I'm really sorry Rixton I wasn't able to get your photos. I can't find anyone to ask for your group photo op =( )

So rushing for an event wasn't really that bad after all. I got to meet new friends *wink*, learn/discover new bands, and take home some goodies. Moral lesson : read mentions on twitter.. HAHA, not really.. 'Twas a cool afternoon spent since I will just be a bum the whole afternoon of that day. Got my playlists updated with #BoysOfSummer songs, and of course, got new SPOTTED ones to be included on our page.

So, shall I see you in the next fan party/ summer events? ;) I SHALL!!! 

Watch out for our next posts featuring SPOTTED: #BoysOfSummer :)


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