J-Walking Presents: The 1975 in Manila

Hello YOU-NIQUEs!!! How's summer bothering you?! HAHA! I know, this extreme heat that we're experiencing is unbearable. But chill guys! We've got something new for you to perhaps lighten your mood.

Welcome to YOU-NIQUEs new segment(s) called J-Walking! I know it sounds like the street violation, but it's not. S and I decided to have something new to our page which brings our personal endeavors and journeys posted here as a photo blog. We've been struggling with our schedules that we barely see each other anymore to do our tasks for this page. And so this came up. I'll call mine as J-Walking and S will have her own. In this way, we're able to spot YOU-NIQUE people to wherever we are and, share with you our shenanigan for that day :)

So let me start off by this super, heart-pounding, mini-concert that I've been to by my top most "previous indie band" that I've been listening to for a year now - The 1975 in Manila!!! 

I was able to catch them in Trinoma with Lil J and I must say, that was (by far) the best night I've ever had! Great music, amazing crowd, hot band (and I know you'll agree with the latter *wink* ), what more can I ask for right?!

So without further ado, browse away to some of the photos Lil J have captured (since I got injured during the event itself) - YOU-NIQUE people and The 1975 themselves :)

Aside from this photo story, I've also captured a few YOU-NIQUEs before, during, and after the event. Yep, even on my personal trip I make sure to spot YOU-NIQUEs on the loose! ;P Watch out for our SPOTTED future posts :)

That's it for the first post of J-Walking. Hope you guys liked it ☺

**For my personal post about the The 1975 in Trinoma, you can head on to my personal blog here.**

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