Pop PitStop: SuperSale Bazaar v.2

And as soon as the Chinese New Year ended, here comes the heat signalling the start of the season that everyone is looking forward to - SUMMER! (Well, maybe not for everyone ;p) Can't get enough whenever I say the word SUMMER, I always say and sing it the way Olaf does! Anyway, part of S and I's journey during summer is hitting bazaars. No matter how much S hates the icky feeling of heat and sweat through continues walking under the sun, we never fail to visit the hottest bazaars there could be in the metro.

To start our bazaar hurrah of the year is the Supersale Bazaar. It was held at the World Trade Center last March 1, 2014. Unfortunately, S wasn't able to join me, but my little sis kept me company that whole afternoon. This isn't the first time we've gone to Supersale. Check out our post here about the previous visit we had.  

The best thing about hitting this bazaar is that you get to add amazing and latest stuff to your closet at the most affordable price. Lil J and I can surely attest to it for we did go home with loads on our bags, but still get to save! Supersale Bazaar got lots of booths mostly famous on IG (Instagram has now been a ground for online sellers and retailers lately) and other social media sites. Apparels, cosmetics, food, you name it, the bazaar has it!

(Cool statement muscle tees from Manic Vintage)

(Surely, you just can't choose and buy 1! Tops and bottoms sold by Fashion Infinity)

(Hip jackets and tees sold by The Man on the Street)

Visiting bazaars is just like having a work out. You get to walk for hours just to scan the whole lot and check out all the booths. Also, it can tone your arms as you will do numerous arm flexes scanning all the items that are hanged or on boxes (let's include arm wrestling with other buyers, AHAHA). 

So as Lil J and I went on and on across all pathways, we made sure to check each booth to find some treasures we can bring home. As Lil J was scanning through a box of cosmetics, I chanced upon this group of kids who happens to be a proof of digital age (And I know you understand why I call them that, right?!). Perhaps they're just tired since their moms or siblings might also be all over the place shopping, and them, being kids, would just prefer to sit down and scribble their fingers on their tablet or phone. 

So with all those walking that we've done, Lil J and I decided to eat to pacify our hungry tummies. We never fail to satisfy our cravings for pizza and pasta and good thing Sbarro was there to save the day ☺

So after eating, we decided to go one last round before we wrap up our day. We spotted bloggers Dominique Tiu (Konichiwear.com) and Jacqueline Perez (Styledom - Style and Freedom) also checking out booths and of course, shopping.

So to sum things up, it was a splurge afternoon for Lil J and I (HAHAHA). But no pun intended, splurging in getting-more-than-what-you-thought-your-money-could-go kind of way. In today's market which everything seems to be in-line with fashion and styling, competition towards uniqueness and how wallet-friendly your shop is what everyone is looking for. I surely found it both in SuperSale Bazaar. This definitely wouldn't be our last visit!

(Shirt: Customized print from Printbiz Multimedia ; thrifted stressed denim shorts ; tights from Forever 21 ; boots from So! FAB



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