2014: Divergent & Audacious

Happy New Year, Mes Amis!

We never was able to like OOTD'd (that is a verb now) like for the hell of it and then post it here like a regular fashion blogger, but we decide to do so in our separate ways. This was my look post New Year look after the morning mass (yeah, I wore a pair of torn leggings to church) and all the ruckus and the smell of fireworks in the air. I got to spend it with my bestie, R and the air in their little abode in the country is all I need for a little break from the city. So, anyways...

There's always a first for everything. This is You-nique's first post this New Year and I am still swooning (with wet eyes) over HitRecordJoe's first TV episode that I so idyllically watched on YouTube. And according to my hubby-to-be JGL, the firsts of everything is always the hardest and most unexpected. You never know what you're gonna get but once you get started, everything becomes so much easier. So here we are.

J and I agreed that to kick start the year, we would like to wonder and ponder on  things to come this 2014.

2014. Divergent and Audacious.

I don't know if J has the same expectations as I do as it obviously seem that we are cut from a different cloth but I know that we are yet to touch the potential of You-nique yet. 2013 was a real blast and the launch of You-nique was very chill and yet so unexpected. The bazaars, the bloggers, the fashion week; we clearly had fun. But I dare to push the boundaries to bolder and more eclectic avenues in the world of Philippine fashion. Before, I was starting to double-think that Tricia Gosingtian may be right in blatantly saying that Filipinos are not fashion forward(we'll I can't really blame her for saying so). I think she just placed the notion in the wrong context I guess, just too pessimistic. I think we are more of "fashion-fascinated" but still so timid because we may be walking in a planet were people can hale a cab in a touch of a button and send robots to Mars but we still has this very ancient stench of narrow, let's-all-look-like-everyone-else type of mentality. That's why it's so hard to spot a You-nique on the street. I remember flashing a polite finger one day to this rather rudely-eyed lady who happen to stare at me and two of my co-workers, who happen to have pink hair and a fully-tattooed body (I happen to have a turquoise-purple ombre, so we are a sight for sore eyes). And I think that's a challenge we dare to take on, J and I, to spot these individuals who just don't and won't give a horse's a** about the world & be there fashionable self.

We shall continue walking and surfing through the metro for spot-ons, be a lot *ehem* on the dot on posts (since I am indeed less busier now) and attend events to satisfy our eye and prove that Filipinos are indeed fashion-forward. We just need to stop and smell the flowers, with camera on hand of course.



Photos courtesy of R's little sis, j'taime mon cherie!

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