YOU-NIQUES Top 10 Choice Looks from 2013!

It has been a cray cray year, YOU-NIQUEs! From the day we started, to the spot-ons, to the events, bazaars and etc. it has been indeed a year of eclectic fashion. I don't wanna make a dissection but looking at these looks, we are certainly embracing the late 80's to the early 90's era with street style, grunge-rock and the urban bohemia. With an endless serving of sneakers, colors,  denim, cropped tops, platforms and creepers...yes, we are definitely making major 90's vibes for the past year. I remember that lovely phase in my teens when I was quite assured I hate the 90's style, and here I am glad in my cropped top and plaid skirt channeling a face palm.

So, the technicalities aside, as a year-ender, J and I sorted out our spot-ons and chose our Top 10 Choice Looks this 2013. These are in no particular order and shows our fave gals and guys who were fearless, gusty and fashion forward. A true, blue YOU-NIQUE!



What do you think of our selection? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a booming New Year!


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