On Duty: Blogger's United 6!

Another day for bloggers and blogging enthusiasts to gather and enjoy the ever strong, sixth installment of Bloggers United!

Held at the World Trade Center last December 7, 2013, #BU6 was included in the opening of the World Bazaar Festival, which is at the same venue except they were at the ground floor. The event was organized by Worldbex Services International.

#BU6 was not your ordinary bazaar. This year, they held it with a purpose. As a support to our fellow Kababayans in the Visayas Region (for those who were devastated by typhoon Yolanda), tickets sales will proceed to them. Definitely a 50 peso entrance ticket per person would go a long way. 

It was jam packed (as usual and expected)! Every turn I made, there are bloggers and fantastic people all across the room. Photo sessions were taken all over the place. I, myself, am not an exception to that! Aside from the opportunity to help, this is our (blogger enthusiasts) time to see our favorite bloggers, get to buy some of their items, and have a photo with them. 

Since the venue was smaller than the previous ones, I kept on staying outside and just let myself engulf in the Christmas-y cheer of the whole World Trade Center. 

Status Magazine, a youth culture magazine about the future, was one of the prime sponsors of #BU6. 

While hanging outside, I got to see Woobie! The World Bazaar Festival's official mascot. He was so hyper on greeting everyone in the place  :)

Other sponsors that made the event really tasty and sassy!

And of course, my much awaited part (and I guess yours as well) spotting my  favorite bloggers!

I am truly sorry (and also regret) of not having photos of the other bloggers who participated. As what I've said earlier, the place was really packed that I had a hard time making snaps of other bloggers. 

And so this was me last #BU6. I decided to wear my dad's NY bullcap, a crop top, denim shorts, plaid polo, and Jellybean boots. Been on the crop top mayhem lately (since the Penshoppe PFW). If you happen to follow me on facebook, you'll notice my latest and last profile pic, I was on crop tops. HAHA :))

If fearless forecast would be acknowledged (but I know that it's not just a hunch), another Bloggers United is going to happen! (Isn't it just a silly broadcast of mine? :p ) With the blogging society growing larger and larger, this surely will not be the last!

Watch out for the YOU-NIQUEs caught by our lens to be posted soon!



A N A G O N said...

Thank you so much for this post :) It was also awesome to meet you during BU :) See you on the next ha ;)

YOU-NIQUE said...

Thank you Ms. Ana :) See you on the numerous next of Bloggers United!