Pop Pitstop: Candy Fair 2013

When today's generation is more than just lollipops, skip ropes, and hair ribbons, little J and I were so glad, that we got to have the opportunity to experience one of the best teen events of the season!

Candy Magazine (the leading teen magazine in The Philippines) held a super fun event last September 28, 2013 at Metrotent, Metrowalk, Pasig City with the theme - Candy Fair 2013: Music Festival.

I could compare the motif to be like coachella-ish. The whole boho / indie vibe with floral crowns, feather bows, dyed hair, crop tops, floor length skirts, etc. Surely, the teens we caught in the venue never failed to feast my eyes on their sense of fashion. 

As my sister and I arrived at the venue, there were bevy of girls with their unique styles taking #ootd shots of each other, talking about the Candy cuties which were guests, and any hip thing there is that you could think of. Seriously, little J and I felt a bit odd thinking "what happened to us when we were younger?" (HAHA..nothing to regret though.. I still think 90's gen rocks! #justsaying)

Inside the tent were booths of different sponsors. Booths to snag a photo with a candy cutie, free instax experience, hair-fixing with free floral crown or feather bows, and giveaways in a cute pink velvety pouch. 

The event was hosted by Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Justin Quirino. Love what Jasmine was wearing during that day. Simple, boho chicque. We arrived around 3PM though the event started at 10AM. Obviously, I won't be able to give full details about this gathering. (Yeah, blame it with our work! Joke!) Much to our surprise, Jasmine was so kwela! (I guess you know where the genes came from knowing her sister is the queen of kabaliw-ANNE). Games were played on stage with some candy cuties, and we were just in time to see the Fresh Five. One of the Fresh Five was Marco Gumabao, which by the way is Lil J's crush. Hehe ;p

Unexpectedly after the game, they went down the stage and headed towards the Safeguard booth. With my skills and all, I got to squeeze in and had my sister be in line to snag a photo with them. And so lo and behold, her photo with the 4 (I don't know where the 5th one had gone though).

And of course, since it is a music festival, different artists were there to perform. Let's name a few: Luigi D'Avola, the band She's Only Sixteen (they sounded really good ;) ), and PBB Boys James Reid and Bret Jackson. Swarm of Candy Cuties were also present which really thrilled all the important guests: US!

As much as we hated it, the event ended around 7pm-ish (not really sure, haha). Candy cuties gathered on stage for the last time as they sang to One Direction's Best Song Ever. And yeah, more than just the song, it was the best event ever! (yet, I think ;) )

Watch out for the YOU-NIQUEs we've seen during this event! Photos will be posted SOON ;)

P.S. Special thanks to Ms. Aisa Ipac. I won the passes from her giveaway :)


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