Trend Report: Origami Skorts & Printed Socks

The rainy season calls for a sullen time under the roof and a little more time with your sheets, but technically that's not the case for everyone. I have been vacation-ing from my blogger duties for quite some time and, frankly, J is so ready to butcher me anytime soon. So here I am, squeezing-in my responsibilities and concocting yet another trend report.

Let's start -off with a little something (pun intended) that is making waves and squeels with fashionistas everywhere: The Origami Skorts (and I don't know any other brands, i guess they have full rights to these. Unless, of course, corrected at such ). As seen on one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Virgin of Vintage Virgin and locally on the ever gorgeous Kookie Buhain's blog and Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant.

As you can see on how these three lovely ladies showcase there styling prowess you can use these babies (which come in black and white....or maybe in any other color I may not know of) in practically any motif. Outstanding pieces of garments are usually taken in subtle but careful manners but these unique (not to mention, seemingly comfortable) and oriental-inspired bottoms seems like something you can pair with absolutely anything.

See how Ms. Virgin shifts from street-casual to jock meets the chick to semi-formal sophisticate.

And of course, Ms. Buhain  and Ms. Tirona made "overused" a wonderful statement, as they strut the streets of Manila in these babies in too-put-together mixes. I'm not gonna say I'm crazy about these things, but I will because I should be. That's one trend that screams: "Winner!"

For the guys (and guys at heart hahaha) one trend that may find it's roots from Harajuku residents: The Food-Print Socks. J actually wanted me to report on Aztec-print socks, but you just see them everywhere on everything nowadays that whenever I see one (especially on an iphone), I get hipster-nausea and my palms just twitch in cray cray fashion. So y'know...you get the point.

As seen on local blogger, David Guison , you need a great eye to meticulously put everything together. The right pair of shoes is a key. But Sir/Mister Guison doesn't seem to mind that mental math and just had fun with it. After all, these things look tasty-chic (see how I just ridiculously coined that just there? haha)! On a serious note.....wait! there's no serious note hahaha you just can't help but grin at the sight of those sunny-side-ups!


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