Wouldn't it be nice to know your body type and wear the best clothes for it? Where it just flatters you and makes you feel confident about what you've got? Yep, ladies and gents, we all answer yes to that. 

Held last July 21, 2013, the second part of the Jeans Fest of SM City San Lazaro was massive as they've got a stellar fashion stylist/blogger/creative director of The Reluctant Stylista, Alexandra Lapa.

The show was dedicated for everyone. I meant whole lot of us would love to go shopping, getting the latest or trendiest apparel without thinking if it would look good on us, or we'll look funny. Getting a free styling advice from Alexandra Lapa helped enlightened all the attendees as to what suits them, especially when you're shopping for jeans. 

Alexandra first gave a general tip for boys and girls as to what fits well for all body types when it comes to wearing jeans. She also added what pieces to have to achieve that glamorous look. She stated:
1. FOR MEN - Jacket; V-neck shirt; straight & relaxed jeans; belt.
2. FOR WOMEN - Blazer (structured and fitted around waist); simple top; straight cut jeans; nude pumps (for height).

All the bloggers and fans were really attentive as to what she has to say. All cams up! HAHA :))

Aside from that, she also gave guidelines on what to look/consider when buying jeans:
1. Torso to leg proportion
2. Hips
3. Thighs
We tend to buy jeans just because it is "in". She doesn't want us to overdo it. If you're really skinny, skinny jeans on a darker shade of denim is a no-no. Same for women with big hips and thighs, no to skimpy jeans for it would only make your thighs look like sausages! (Sorry, but she has a point.)

After the talk, they had a make-over like segment where in they invited 6 random mall goers (who were trying to purchase denims) to be styled by Alexandra Lapa. 
 Hair and makeup were done by Ystilo Salon and Bang's Tony & Jackey. Apparels from Mossimo and F&H. (Photos' order: left during assessment, middle first suggested outfit, and right second suggested outfit)

1. The first girl has athletic built and toned legs. Alexandra chose a v-neck top to elongate the neck for a slimmer look. Both outfits were with denim shorts. The girl has fantastic legs so she wants them to be flaunted.

2. First guy is lean, tall, with broad shoulders. Alexandra suggested having a cover up such as a polo or jacket to bulk him up. Jeans was straight cut type and blue belt for statement.

3. Second girl is lean and a little bit skinny. She wore a chambray top, shorts to show legs, and wedge shoes without straps. Second outfit was a two-toned denim dress.

4. Second guy: a bit buff. He was given a polo that would emphasize his shoulders and slim fit jeans.

5. Third girl: pear-shaped figure. She was provided with wide leg pants to even out the shape. She broke the common knowledge about wearing horizontal stripes will make you look bigger. You just have to know how to pair it with the right pants just so that it will balance out the bulk.

6. Third guy: super slim. He was given a jacket and blazer for both looks to bulk up a bit. Straight cut jeans for the first look, then relaxed shorts for the second one.

There also was an on-the-spot styling session, wherein the audience wrote down and told Alexandra their questions she and gladly answered them.

Wrapping up the event was a performance from Save Me Hollywood. Such a great band I must say! They consist of members from Chicosci and Typecast. The vocalist looks familiar right?!? Yes. She is Juliann Savard, a MYX VJ.

(Doesn't she remind you of Gwen Stefani? Ehhh...)

It was such a great experience to be taught by someone great in fashion styling. And the best part, IT WAS FREE!!!

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Be on the watch for our next post. Stay YOU-NIQUE everyone ;)


(Credits to SM City San Lazaro and Monarchi Production Events Inc. for some of the photos I used on the teaser and this post.)

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