POP PITSTOP: Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013

I have always been the hyperbolic type and it's still an understatement when I say that when my 5-seater cab stopped by the SMX convention center, I can almost smell the leather, suede, denim and flowing silk that adorns the fashionistas filling the SMX hall. After much ado, I finally attended my first fashion week. Fashion have always been a part of my system, I might even think it's my 13th cranial nerve. I hate referencing cliches, but raised by a meticulously chic mom (evident by piles of albums showing her amazing fashion streak circa 50's and 60's) it was a seed planted in my veins. I may lose everything, but that love and strong inclination for fashion will never fade. Sitting on that row with J, surrounded by people that make-up the crazy world of the fashion industry, is most certianly the rainbow sprinkles on my white chocolate doughnut. 

We attended the SM Women's Fashion ang Parisian Shoes Holiday 2013 Collection. For years, SM Ladies Wear has always been the go-to fashion retail brand offering affordable pret-a-porter ensembles to make ladies of all ages, size and shapes looking amazing in any occasion. The collection, paraded by a pride of gorgeous gamines, consists of juicy mixes of jewel-toned office wear separates in which SM Ladies wear is known for with a witty mix of geometric prints reminiscent of Prada or Chanel of the days. Just when things were getting a little bit too formal, the runways was vamped-up by ladies in playful nautical-themed pieces in red, white and blue followed by paradise-ready bikinis and beachwears in prints that scream "SUMMER is soooo not over!". One thing's for sure, this collection DID NOT disappoint.

The next event is Michael Cinco's Holiday Collection, but unfortunately we have not been able to attend due to commitments ahead and we settled with snapping away till our hearts content at all the amazing and eye-popping looks pulled-off by various personalities and stylophiles lining-up for the next event. There is no uniformity or any specific trend that resurfaced. A variety of looks from head-to-toe monochromes (my personal fave) to semi avant-garde; from animal-prints to galactic-references; from futuristic to old-world looks; from soft feminines to cool androgynes, one can only slim-down the statement to: "Amaze-balls!" (okay, that's just me i guess!)  

As for J and I, we never really thought about what exactly to wear for the event so I guess what we came-about that night was totally kept at bay. J, always on her gorgeous fighting form, arrived in a white button-down, galaxy-print leggings and black suede ankle-strap heels. As for me, I paired up my tailed metallic top with a pair of baroque-print shorts, beige clogs and golden pieces. It was an attempt to marry eras of style but my friends did not help but remember Cleopatra minus the straight short bob and the cruel intentions. 

Overall, it was obviously an exhilirating experience and certainly a one-of-a-kind escapade for both me and J. I cannot imagine being on one single room filled with all these fashionable people in one single event (well, I did actually imagined but you know this is much much better of course) and it's gonna be a phantom pinky swear with the force that this will never be the last time. 

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