Pop Pitstop: Bloggers United V

Bloggers! Bloggers, everywhere! In this social media obsessed iPhone generation where saying iPod is kind of cringy (hell, guess we're indeed that old..aye, J?) and everything you need to complete your homework in Chemistry is in Google; it's no doubt, the golden age for bloggers. To glorify the occasion: "fashion bloggers" to be exact (let's place that into proper context). And honestly, I don't see the dark ages coming. With mushroom-like sprouts and bouts of social sites like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and that certain penache-push (yes, i have been inventing terms since the 3rd grade) by fashion avenues like Chictopia, Lookbook and Bloglovin', it's easier to glamofy our everyday life from just a snap of our strawberries and banana cereal breakfast or an instapost about our recent purchase at Zara. Bloggers take it to the next level, making there lifestyle, look and everyday thoughts a certain brand that makes their readers thist for more. And their followers multiply like baby bunnies in a cold winter season. It's practically magic! 

We were actually interviewed by two promising young journalists (and bloggers? hmm...whose looks we featured right here!) about the impact of blogging in today's generation. J gets to answer this one. I totally forgot what she said and I honestly believe that it's a rhetorical question. But can't exactly blame 'em, I mean the question is totally invetible given the room is actually filled with people of all ages just looking forward to see and take-pictures and interact with their favorite bloggers. I guess the right question is: "Why do bloggers have this overwhelming impact on today's generation?" I'm not really as much of a fan of local bloggers unlike J is (so I get really clueless sometimes who the hell is behind me when J is naming names and pointing fingers). I'm more into international ones and really over-the-top unique bloggers like Style Rookie, Le-happy, Vintage Virgin and Strange Ambition but I guess my obsession with these bloggers leads me back to that rephrased question. Why? These bloggers are beautiful, they live a life that looks less stressful than what we live through, it looks as if everything is butt-attainable, they stimulate the inner creative in us all, they inspire us and update us, they make the metro seem like a better place than it really is, we covet their freedom of speech and they're definitely pleasing to the eye. Everything is so transparent and crystal clear with there endeavors, making them somewhat a celebrity in there own right. Plus, who woudn't like to join those giveaways....everyone loooooves free stuff! In this generation, they are primordial and significant. They work hard for it too and they're totally loving the hype. Veteran fashion bloggers who has extended fanbase even overseas even sealed their fate as bloggers by making "blogging" a profession. And how time flies, imagine how being a stylist a decade ago isn't even a job just yet. 

Okay, I must end my revalida on blogging and get down with the real story here. 

The cream of the crop of the blogging micro-planet were all on there best fashionable forms at  Function Room 3 of the SMX Convention Center to reunite once again for Bloggers United V last June 1, 2013. It was a one day event, but obviously everyone prepped-up and had quite a bomb. Blog fans get to meet and greet there favorite bloggers and there were a LOT of picture-taking. Booths were setup in non-linear stance making the crazy a lot crazier. Items from the bloggers' actual closets or online stores, beauty bars, mini exhibits, photo booths and sponsors filled-up the whole room. Even blogfans were at there best outfits proving the magnetic influence of bloggers in magnifying Filipino syle which I might say is starting to open doors to many possibilities in the fashion industry. Indeed, bloggers are moving mountains. The message is clear: We are not just wearing clothes for the day, we're dressing-up for the day! Filipinos are fashion-forward! That's a leap of faith!

We are quite a quartet that day as we fulfilled this escapade with J's sister Li'l J (hahaha OMG, i find that quite fitting!) and my partner-in-crime, R! J and I usually prep-up for these escapades but due to "life" restraints we were also dressed-up according to our previous schedules. J came from Jazz class and I spent the day at R's pad and is sporting (and making do) of whatever I can came up from here limited wardrobe. I cannot even start on my white duty shoes! 

R is a blog enthusiast herself and was totally in fangirl-ing mode that night and was totally flashing her pearls (or not! hahaha) on the sight of her fave bloggers. You go, R! I totally need that fangirl in our escapades. (Check out the feature on BU5 on her blog)

It seemed like a really long day (and If I can remember right it was literally a long day since I have been awake for more than  24 hours!) but being in the same room with a full roster of the most fashionable people in the archipelago. No thanks, pillow...I have to pass on you this time! 


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