On Duty: N8

Voila! Tah Dah!!!! ...And because I'm totally a failure in both time management and turning-down a night-out at Tomas Morato it is no secret that J is completely throwing the fits on my overdues. LOL. But that's love right there when she just gave me a friendly reminder to post the teaser for the 5th (Can you imagine that?) installment of the most coveted Bloggers United event held at the SMX Convention Center last June 1, 2013. Yes, it's a lotta lovin' because it's half of the rainy, cliched wedding month and I just posted the teaser. So sue me, but I can tell yah, this event was rockin' awesome as fashion bloggers overwhelm Function Room 3 (complete with walls that come alive *wink, wink*)  tending to there booths where you can grab some delish finds from there own wardrobes. So yeah! The deets are coming soon..sooner..soon-EST hahahaha


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