On Duty: N5

So, hello YOU-niques! We deeply apologize that we haven't been able to update in a while. Basically, I'm still struggling between how I will juggle this epic schedule I'm having which is basically blowing into ridiculous proportions. If it's hard to juggle three balls, try juggling being a nurse, Sprint rep, blogger and batch secretary while maintaining my social life, physiologic equilibrium (and maybe eventually my sanity!). I hope J isn't in too much high and tight ropes as I am. She's currently pulling the strings on her own ends like her job and currently her cheerleading (Can I get a loud hoorah, for that?) Anywho, let's get down to business shall we?

Our last escapade was at a rather appropriately named bazaar: The HEATWAVE Summer Bazaar held at The World Trade Center which ran for from April 19 to April 21. I was only able to catch-up on the last day and revoltingly alone this time. My partner was not able to come so I asked my BFF to come and she brought her little sister with her (which proved to be such a darling in accompanying me while big sis is out fishing for the perfect pair of shoes). Acting as the PR is not entirely my niche but I was able to pull it all together quite swimmingly. I had to even tell my prospects that this is not particularly my job to save my little awkward ass (did I just said "little"? LOL).

The event was actually organized by the GMA network so there was a stage and show featuring GMA artists and talents, auctions, performances, contests, raffles, fashion shows and other cool activities and numbers that I may have missed. I wasn't too particular with that part of the bazaar (getting my head on the game, that's for sure!). I spotted many omnipresent bazaar booths as well as new ones. The food booths are also overwhelming. I cannot tell you enough how much I tried as I might to keep myself off of the food booths. (diet, diet din!)

Last time we were around for the Supersale Bazaar, the venue seemed a bit wide and I may have been a little bit naseaus with this month's bazaar. There were more stalls and more people. I never had the chance to source for looks from actual buyers (and the closest little 'ol timid me could get was an "excuse me, miss" and a "sorry"..*sigh* oh well! )and the chic-est around were actually shop owners. But they definitely did not disappoint.

I experimented on this escapade and made double, triple shots since mostly I spotted groups.Then again, I failed to spot trendy guys which proved to be quite a challenge nowadays. So, i guess that's another victory dance for the ladies! It was quite different shooting in pairs or groups than on individuals and we might not do it again. But for this feature, (and I just discovered this while I was working with the individual details) that these ladies in groups has a common denominator. All three group prospects might as well be SISTERS. According to there details, they have similar last names. So basically, the possibility of being cousins or whatever did not slip my mind, but I will definitely tag this ON DUTY featurette as THE SISTERS BOOK. It made so much sense, luckily!

To know more....watch out for the looks. We will be posting soon!!


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