Pop PitStop: Little Mix DNA Fan Party

♫♪ Mama told me not to waste my life. 
She said spread your wings, my little butterfly. 
Don't let what they say, keep you up at night.
And they can't detain you.
'Cause wings are made to fly.
And we don't let nobody bring us down.
No matter what you say it won't hurt me.
Don't matter if I fall from the sky.
These wings are made to fly! ♪♫

A line from the song Wings from the latest girl group who's slowly taking over the world, Little Mix. I know everyone would agree that a song can reach one's soul: may it be the words you can't utter or the expression of what you're feeling. And yes, this particular song made me (J) become a fan of them. Talk about empowering words huh?!? If this is not good enough, grab an album of theirs and listen to each track. Surely, you'll have a song of your life in one of those.

Speaking of purchasing their album, I did so last April 27, 2013, which happens to be the date for the Grand Album launch of Little Mix's DNA. The event was sponsored mainly by Astroplus, in collaboration with the official street team of Little Mix here in the Philippines. It was not just an album launch but more of a fan party. All FilMixers got together during this day, and S and I didn't miss it.


A neon themed fan party (one of summer's hottest trend) was held at SM North EDSA The Block. The stage, which was at the centre of the activity area, was filled with the standees of the girls: Leigh Anne, Perrie, Jade, and Jesy - placed around the corners, and a huge tarp as back draft.

Program started around 2PM, as FilMixers gathered around the stage and eagerly waited for the games, performances, and freebies to be given away. Performers consisted of fellow FilMixers, all of which sang a Little Mix song. Well, aside from these 4 cute boys who, as if like, serenaded the ladies by singing Little Things of One Direction (Well, never mind that they didn't sing Little Mix. It is still somewhat connected for Zayn is dating Perrie, right?!? *wink*)

Since it was a sponsored event of Astroplus, they invited a rising YouTube star Donnalyn Bartolome to perform (Check her out in her YouTube channel: Donnalyn Bartolome). She was all giggles, let out a huge laugh, and even teary eyed, upon seeing her fans cheering and screaming her name. She was all game to any requests of the audience, and was even MOB-OY (pronounced as MABOY - short for MOB and BABOY. HAHAHA :D She coined that word by the way) and didn't mind it. She sang 2 of her songs, soon to be released for her first album.

MYX was also present capturing the whole event. They interviewed the officers and some girls that will be shown on their website and to be aired on the MYX channel.

Being at the fan party didn't stop us to capture YOU-NIQUE individuals that can be featured in our site. Talk about work and play at the same time, while the program is on-going, we, too, were circling the area looking for amazing FilMixers that will catch our attention. We were not disappointed and was even surprised for this generation's fashion and sense of style (what happened to us?? Flashback to the 90's??).

There were bevy of girls and other individuals dressed to impress. Most of them dressed like their favourite Mixer. I, too, tried to achieve a Jade look, but I think the girl on my right (photo below) did it the best.

It was all fun with lots of games. I get to join a few and won them, hehe :D (I know I look stupid with the laughing photo. This was during the "fashion show" like game we had, and I get to win the third place. BooYah!)

We were also lucky to meet the President of the Official Little Mix PH Street Team, Monica Mapua. S and I both agreed that she looked really cute, with the floral crown, pink dress, printed stockings, and boots ensemble. Other officers were also present and we had the chance to have a photo with them. (Which, by the way, were also wearing eye-catching outfits.)

It was a challenging afternoon for me and S. Why? Winning a standee of Jade around 5 feet 5 inches tall, and not having a personal car to drive it home, well , riding a cab was the only answer which made me pay hundreds :( Though I wasn't really sad because I have Jade in my room, teehee :D

The event ended up with all the FilMixers gathered around the stage, singing Change Your Life while being captured on video. Astroplus and LMPH plans to send it to Little Mix to let them know how successful the event was, and of course how diehard fans we are of them.

Being with the FilMixers made S and I realize (or maybe just me) that we would still pass as teenagers. HAHA! Not sure if its either girls today mature faster or it's just us that looks younger than our age. Anyway, we both felt again the fan-girl feeling we had when Spice Girls filled our notebooks and we were sucking lollipops with them on the wrapper. 

Had a great afternoon with S since it was weeks when we last saw each other. Had a little hard feeling for S for she was late again (don't worry S, I still love you ;) ), but we were able to make it through. 

We can't wait what and when will be our next fan party or adventure is. But, one thing is for sure: we'll still be together no matter what!

Catch you all on the streets YOU-NIQUEs! ;)

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