POP PITSTOP: Happy Birthday S!

The other half of this blog just celebrated her birthday! *cue music: Taylor Swift's 22*
She did 10 things for me previously so I planned to create one for her as well. 
Little that she knew, I didn't ask her the questions, instead, I called in a few friends of hers (and ours)
and asked what we don't know about the brainchild of this blog. - J



Rizza Salas said...

OMGGGGG Just saw this! Too cute! Belated Happy Birthday, Shane! <3

Kristine Medina said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU ATE!!! Never saw this coming...not one bit and like...was it like really this long since I went online. OMFG! Who provided you the deets..ahahaha merci beacoup..tres bien!!! Note: i know Amelie's words because of the subtitles ..it's a french film after all