HAPPY BIRTHDAY, J! It may be a little late and it would be safe to say that both of us were indeed tres occupe but birthdays are never ever forgotten! So to celebrate I concocted a little interview session with the girl on fire and here I present ... 

10 Questions with J!

1. How do you envision the future of Philippine Fashion in the next 10 years?

 I'd like to think that everyone would be daring enough as to expressing themselves through clothing, and people to be open minded as to how artistic we Filipinos can be. But, still considering the decency and respect of oneself of course.

2. Do you think Filipinos are fashion forward?

Filipino's are definitely fashion forward. It's just that we're too scared to show and express it due to the society's criticism. We're such harsh critiques!

3. What would you prefer: Partying out on a Friday night or a movienight at home with the girls?

Movie night with the girls! I prefer staying up all night telling stories, sharing points, views and reviews, and giggling over the hot guy on the film! I'm kind of a home buddy so I'm not into going out that much.

4. The current song that you just can't get over with? 

I have 3 songs on repeat lately: Say You're Just A Friend by Austin Mahone feat Flo-Rida, Tonight by Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo, and Going Nowhere by Little Mix

5. Your take on todays social-media obsessed generation?

I am guilty with being a social media addict mainly twitter. It's cool because I get to use it to get the latest news and events, locally and internationally. Also, it is now used more than just to socialize but to reach out to people to create awareness and build a movement. However, basing it on the feeds I have, users are getting younger and younger, and when I say young I mean around 9 y/o. Personally, I think it should be controlled (coming from the parent's side and the media itself). There's still a fine line between freedom of expression and knowing what is right and just.

6. Favorite fashion era?

 I love the 40's and 50's era where pencil and A line skirts and hour glass figures were luxuriant. My love for icons Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and pin-up women or vintage look drew me to love this era.

7. Three pick-me-uppers?

Good music, oreo or cookies n' cream ice cream, winning giveaways! HAHAHA.

8. Worst pet peeve ever?

Posers, people who are not punctual (S: hahaha I'm guilty), show offs!

9. Most Fashionable country?

New York!

10. Birthday wish? 

I want to say "I love my job!" whole heartedly. (And let's include the DSLR for now. HAHA!)


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