On Duty: N6

Good day lads and lasses!

Sound tripping is a fun way to relieve boredom, especially if you're nowhere but home this summer vacation. You turned on the radio, tuned in to a music video channel,and you hear and see these four talented girls from the UK, singing the hits Wings, DNA, Change Your Life, and How Ya Doin'. You get to think of the Spice Girls upon knowing they're British and produce pop songs that surely catches your attention. Fans have already swarmed and began an army globally, and we Filipinos (always known to be die hard fans), get to show it by giving the group a fan party hosted in our own country.

And of course S and I didn't dare miss the chance to meet the FilMixers and other YOU-NIQUE individuals who participated in this neon themed event.

Watch out for our next posts to see how FilMixers rocked this party with their colorful and neon-esque (I just made this word up, hehe) outfits!


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