Pop PitStop: Bazaar For All Seasons


"You look into the blue sky, you check your shadow, you sip that colada and smell the air. Yup, you smelled it right...it's the smell of Summer. You feel it in your skin, taste the tang in your tongue and see it everywhere.

I heard in the radio once that Manila is not yet experiencing a heat wave because we need to at least reach 37degrees to do so and Manila is at about at 33degrees. Then i got into thinking that if this isn't a heat wave just yet then what would the real Macoy feel like? Hell hole? Well, that's Manila summer to us. I wouldn't know how any other summer in the world would feel like so yeah, some other tanned babe across the hemisphere must be soaking-into that beautiful ultraviolet hue. Anyways, enough about the inevitable heat...let's get down to business (and pleasure, of course..teehee)."

"We sourced-out for the most fashionable on-the-street summer stylophiles during the Bazaar for all Season at the Elements TentEton Centris last April 6 and 7. We were only able to get-around on the first day due to very hectic schedules for both J and I. I hope we did not miss much (though I highly doubt it) but we made sure that the short visit would be worthwhile. The event was organized and ran by fashion bloggers so it's safe to say that we definitely hit jackpot on this. We met and snapped some of our favorite Filipino fashion bloggers so it's definitely a lovely treat. Plus we get to see (and even purchased) some really sweet items they have concocted to amp our dull and mediocre closets (so, bloggers, I tip my black bowhat to you in gratitude.) "

"Our You-nique guest muse for this escapade is a good friend of both J and I: Sarah. We were all colleagues before and all three of us share the same obsession with shoes, thrifting and DIYs. She makes her debut on this book which she has been obssesively pulling our hairs for in quite a while. She gave us very nifty PR tips and her most memorable tip is to "Kiss-their-feet first". I referred her to J because apparently she's the social front and I'm just the girl who writes the articles and edits the photos, so yeah. She's a real lovely person. *blink, blink*. We love you to bits ,Sarah, in all those bits' molecular levels."

I have been dying to do so before especially during the Supersale Bazaar article that I will be making a TREND REPORT. Well, I guess I will be doing so on this escapade. 

Bazaar For All Seasons: TREND REPORT

1. The Camouflage Skater Skirt
    I did mentioned earlier that people seem to never get enough of the said military-themed print. So besides coats and pants, people all around think we have yet to touch the skater skirt. So I guess, what's next? Will we be seeing these prints on stilletos soon? or maybe socks or maybe underwear? The possibilities are endless. 

2. The Candy-Colored Arm Candies.
   It's summer, duh! Nuff said.

3. The Shiny Leggings.
Reminiscent of the Disco Fever of the 70's , this trend is one hot item to heat-up the otherwise cold summer nights on the club. Let's bring the sun at the soiree, indeed. 

4. The High-Waisted Nautical Swimsuit.
Everything will keep on "GUESS-ing" which inspired this trend. I mean it has been a very mainstay as a chic alternative to the ordinary two-piece but I have been seeing this piece everywhere so, ladies, clad those beach bods in these babies and boys will definitely break there necks trying to creep a little sneak peek. (I'm sure you sang that! hahahaha)

5. NEON!
             Neon cut-offs, neon prints on skirts, neon fringe tanks, neon purses. Yes, it's a burst of radiant eye-popping colors that would make Marie Curie smile from above. 

And there you have it. I just can't wait what pieces will trend on our next escapade! We'll keep you posted, YOU-niques!

By the way, I was supposed to take exact photos of the items but I need to be back on my white shoes in a ridiculously split second so, everything is scattered around the gallery, sorry! :)))

Well, we had fun and I'm pretty sure anyone who had the chance to visit the Elements Tent during that hot, hot weekend did too. Where will these popsicles take us next? Tune in! *whew*


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