Pop PitStop: SuperSale Bazaar

"I cannot tell you how much I hate this summer heat (and even if it kills me, I would never stop ranting about it) and that perfect first day of March was literally one of the hottest days I have ever had (insert ugly flashback of one particular summer in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan here). But as a mere daughter of Mother Nature, I must bow down and accept the scorching heat and get down to business (if I keep ranting like this how would I ever survive my Coachella dream escapade?). So with J and my one of my bestie's, R, we headed for the World Trade Center for our On-Duty operation. This is my second attendance with the Super Sale Bazaar, my first was two years ago at the Rockwell Tent so I was doubly ecstatic about this one."

"It was Black Friday, and as part of my annual bucketlist, I swore to wear mostly black every friday of the year and have only missed around maybe two Fridays this year and was partly because of force majeure causes. I was supposed to wear a black kitty cardigan but the summer heat ain't gonna be any kinder to me so I need something yellow to deflect it. J was on dainty summer mode opting on some comfy flats, florals and a denim shorts."

"I haven't seen my bestie, R, for a while now (i think it was like more than two weeks ago). She is on her best foot right now and is very happy for her. We are forever THE shopping buddies and it was always fun to shop with her like how fun it is to shop alone. She wore her signature flat booties, curls and a DIY acid-washed denim button-down. [Follow her on twitter and instagram: @rizzasalas // tumblr: http://rizzasalas.tumblr.com/]"

"J, has some conflict on what to purchase as her mindset is on our On-duty operations, then she settled for this totally adorable hipster kitty purse. It's totaly purrfect! I have my sights on a pair of creepers but unfortunately we have only piles of heels, flats and those really popular sneaker wedges. *sigh*"

"There was one moment where I was busily looking at the booths and when I turned around, J was totally out of sight. I found her after 25 minutes of squinting on distances and acting like I was just scanning the parameters for a pair of creepers. She was waiting at a quaint little booth and was beside a quirky little pawn which seems like a living pink cotton candy. Then it hit me: it's Reese Lansangan, my ultimate fave filipino blogger. I usually never get starstruck (except if Natalie Portman or Joseph Gordon Levitt is in the same building as I am) but I had to make that moment a total exception. To know why I'm totally obsessing on her, follow her sequined and scented footsteps on http://reeseypeasy.com/blog/. She just recently revamped her blog layout and I am totally wide-eyed with all the vintage oriental motif not since Andy's bestfriend, Iona's apartment in Pretty in Pink. Also, check out her items on Elan Bijoux (http://www.facebook.com/ElanBijoux?fref=ts). Got me a my little Pony ring that totally screams Style Rookie, Tavi Gevinson!

So, to sum: it was totally a day worth all the heat and the less-than-an-hour sleep. The outfits, the items and the all the fashion thrown in every corner of the World Trade Center was my drug that kept me totally awake the whole night. I'll be looking forward for next year's!"



Soundy Manuel said...

wow! these are awesome! proud to be Pinoy! :) Thanks for the invite, followed all the sites that you're in, check out my blog! :)


You-nique said...

Thanks love :) Followed you as well.