Not Another One?

Hey, you stumbled-by! Anyways, you might think that you ran into another Street Fashion Blog...well...it might as well be, but here we rawfully and passionately capture the styles and fashion perspectives of normal (and maybe some) people who we may chance upon anywhere our feet might take us. We circle around the metro (and perhaps beyond) with our lenses and fashion eye ready to capture the best of Filipino fashion. Our objective is to promote Filipino aesthetic through the everyday ensembles, show the world that we are indeed fashion forward and to prove our skeptics otherwise. With the breakthrough of our local bloggers who are making waves not just in the country but also overseas we can proudly say that Pinoys are on their game faces on when it comes to fashion.We show you that you don't have to be an heiress, a son of a someone or a celebrity to be chic...all you need is to be YOU. 

Being unique is somewhat hidden now a days since covers, imitations, and fraud are bounty. 
To the kids who would bloom in the vast field of uncertainty , to the youth who tries to rock and rule this generation, to the grownups who continue to soar and fly on, for the people who stands up for individuality and creativity – THIS SITE IS FOR YOU!

We might be tied with trends right now (as maybe a wee typical for the mass) but we believe that there are countless original individuals out there that screams, "HELL YEAH! I AM YOU-NIQUE!"..and we are soooo ready to snap, gush and post! So if you see us on the street and we see you chaneling on a tres chic mode and we randomly attack you...please don't be scared...count us as your instant style fan. We think you're YOU-nique, you inspire us and you rock our polka dot socks! 

We aim to give credit for your uniqueness by featuring YOU on our page and showcase your ensemble. We wish to be the first step in making the Philippine street fashion global!
See you in the streets YOU-NIQUE people ;)

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