Pop PitStop : On The Road Again Tour in Manila

It has been 3 weeks since the epic concert of the year happened and I must admit, I still have the "separation anxiety" and the syndrome of witnessing it. A lot has happened within that time frame, and I hope you'd understand that I'm still nursing a broken heart, that's why it kinda took me this long to finish this blog post. For the record: no hatred, just a broken heart which I know will mend in time (call me crazy, stupid, or childish, the hell I care. I'm just being honest. I'm a fan! What do you expect?).

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be with the One Direction army in the Philippines (which by the way, is named as the best fandom) to watch Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall perform. They had their 2-night concert at the SM Mall Of Asia Open Grounds last March 21 and 22, 2015. 

Arriving 3 hours earlier before the concert begins, I get to roam around the venue to check out some fellow Directioners. Another reason, well, I was hoping I'll be able to catch the 4 arrive and get a photo or ask for an autograph. But, it did not happen :(  

So, here are some snippets around the venue during the first night of the On The Road Again Tour in Manila. 

Concerts are better enjoyed with your pals who will sing their hearts out and scream at the top of their lungs with you ☺

These two obviously showed who they really love ♥ Anyone from Liam's and Louis' camp? Or should I ask about ships? Niam? Larry? Anyone?

One of your life goals, maybe? Be married to any of the 1D :) Nice shirts guys.

I was with these Directioners waiting to get a glimpse of them and even chanted songs to get their attention.

A proof that we were massive.

And the friendly policemen were all over the place to ensure security and peace. Thanks officers!

The whole experience was one-of-a-kind. Of course, it would have been better if Zayn joined his brothers when they visited here, or never left at all (okay, so tears everywhere again). However, our four lovely boys did not fail us by bringing the best 1D experience we, Filipino fans could ever ask for. Fearless forecast: they'll be back! Oh, I bet they will! This time with more interaction to the fans, mall tours, and backstage meet and greets with a photo op. Hehehe.. Hey! Directioners will never give up on these guys I'm telling you!

We'll be posting the YOU-NIQUEs we captured during the event soon!




And Manila had its turn to witness the phenomenal boyband perform in its soil! Vast number of fans crowded the concert grounds and we got some snippets coming up soon!


Pop PitStop : Manila Sundance Bazaar - Summer Dream

The sun is blazing in the metro again and we graced it by visiting the Manila Sundance Bazaar! I was able to visit the bazaar last March 20, 2015 at the World Trade Center, and boy how I feasted myself with all the summer outfit essentials! 

Here are some of the booths that  participated:

The Urban Hour is one of the chic boutiques that I found in the bazaar. At an affordable price, you can pick your whole summer outfit and be a stand out.
Instagram: @theurbanhour

Pretty Little Blings offers cute and one of a kind accessories that could bring a finish to your summer ensemble.  
Instagram: @prettylittleblings

Be a Fashionista and an ambassador of a good cause! The LoveHopeFaith Group offers apparels and watches that are really stylish, at the same time provide some of its profits to those who are medically in need. 
Instagram: @lovehopefaithgroup

Cuteness overload! Genki MNL was truly a head-turner booth. Not a surprise for me because the owner is truly stylish as well. We have featured her on our site before and even became a part of our 2014 Best Dressed. Check Aileen here .
Instagram: @genkimnl

I couldn't not agree more with this quote! And look how cute those unicorns are!

The Happy Project spread the good vibes around the bazaar with their positive quotes printed in pouches. 
Instagram: @thehappyprojectph

Other catchy items in the bazaar :)

Watch out for the other series of Manila Sundance Bazaar. Follow them on Facebook to be updated.

Catch our next post featuring the YOUNIQUEs we captured during the bazaar :)



On Duty : Manila Sundance Bazaar - Summer Dream

A sweet summer treat to start off our 2015! Deebs about the booths and YOUNIQUEs we captured will be up soon :)


Trend Report: Weather Juncture

And so after months of chilling and indulging ourselves in the sweater-weather, we have now come to the part of the season where beach bums and sun-worshippers are so much alive - summer!

A transition from faux furs, knits, and coats to tops in light material, breezy pants, and flouncy skirts are now scattered in the metro. We've known this ritual ever since, like an automatic closet change from The Chronicles of Narnia to The Beach. There's something more than what we know of in terms of coping with the heat and staying fashionable.

Top bloggers and fashion designers have now released their SS2015 collections and predictions, and who are we to not comply anyway? HAHA :)) Here are some essentials and in-trend summer outfits we can all indulge in..

1. Let's go retro! The 70's.

I just have this hunch that you'll be thinking about Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Wilmer Valederrama for being reminded of their previous TV series. Yes? No? Well anyway, it's now time to release your inner Jane Fonda from Charlie's Angels or be shabby like Will Ferrell from the Anchorman this summer. Variations from flare jeans, platform shoes, prints, prints, and more prints. Time to get hippie and high (but I hope high in a good way..) this season!

2. Gingham

No, not plaid - Gingham. As per our friend Merriam, it is a cotton cloth that often is often marked with a pattern of colored squares or, a clothing fabric usually of yarn-dyed cotton in plain weave. You may think of it as a regular table cloth, but of course, the stylish one (Hehe..). Mostly to be seen in dresses and skirts, guys can also wear Gingham as a long sleeve polo shirt, paired with a bow tie or slim tie. Taking it in a southern approach, thinking of a nice picnic near the lake and play around the barn type of vibe :)

               (http://fashberries.blogspot.com/)                              (http://www.thelittlemagpie.com/2013/10/night-rider.html

3. Culottes

Used to be worn by upper class gentlemen during the Renaissance, the culottes have gone a long way as a casual or formal outfit for women, mostly paired with a plain top and pointy stilettos. If the culottes' cut is above the knee, pair it with your scene-stealing flats or strap-ons. Wearing such statement piece could mostly bug the minds of the mundane (not intended to belittle people) if it's a pants or skirt. Another coined word "skort" perfectly describes the hot item of the season. 

                                        (http://cuppajyo.com/2015/02/cool-culottes/)                                                 (http://www.shairstyl3.blogspot.com/)


4. Flats, Straps, and Sneakers

Boy, how your feet will thank you for keeping them comfy! It's not just about flip-flops everyone. Let's get stylish with Birkenstock, mandals, or the infamous Nike in their different collection series. Ladies and Gents attended fashion week in this laid-back, feet accessory which serves not just an eye-candy, but also a breath from the usual heels and leather shoes. 


5. Attention! Military halt!

Not really the camo thing. Military greens and khakis may dominate the streets as it has been presented by L.A.M.B. and Marc Jacobs during the last SS fashion week. Whether inspired by Katy Perry's Roar MV, or the movie Fury, we can go with a safari and battle field feel this season. Don't be afraid to explore. The city is a big jungle anyway!

                       (http://www.upbeatsoles.com/leathered-military/)                                       (http://www.le-happy.com/the-waking-hour/)             

So, what look will you go for this season? Do try what we have suggested and send us a photo! We'll post them on our Instagram. Best thing: enjoy exploring onto new ideas of what you can wear during this summer!


**No Copyright Infringement intended. All photos are taken from different sources and provided credit with.**


2015: Two of its Kind

Black and White. Ying and Yang. Always known to be opposites, but not all people understand that they are very much alike. Both can't live without the presence of another. Both feeds on the weakness of the other. The world is at its equilibrium because two elements were balanced.

2015 is YOU-NIQUE's second year of being the platform of uniqueness in The Philippines. Two years of scouting the metro just to capture individuals to be featured on our site. Two years of collaborating with different events and personalities for our site to be "the IT of our generation".

We've got a long way to go to achieve what we set as a goal. None the less, I'd still like to say THANK YOU to those who agreed for their photos to be taken and be featured on our site. To the people who I courageously approach to get a shot of their outfit, thank you for being ever so nice to me :) To the kids who I became friends with, to the strangers who thought I was doing something illegal (AHAHAH), and to those who approached me and pro-actively wanted to be on our site - A BIG THANK YOU.

This year, the word CHALLENGE is what I'm aiming at. Personally, I'd like to challenge myself in pulling a different look other than my girly/boho/gypsy everyday ensemble. I'd also like to impose that to everyone. As we know, with challenges, we become to be the greatest.  I think I should also challenge myself (and also S) in keeping up with this site. We would need to extract our creative juices and put it all here - our haven of uniqueness.

I'm excited to fill the blank pages of 2015 with all of you in it. I shall see you in the streets YOU-NIQUEs ;)


*outfit details*
White floral top : Forever 21
Red wedge shoes: Jellybean
FAMOUS top: Tee Culture by SM Department Store
White and Black skater skirts: Thrifted
Black Creepers: Thrifted